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* United States Department of Transportation: Federal motor vehicle safety standards and regulations. Visit >

* Connecticut Automotive repair Glass Standards.
Payless Auto Glass is a fully licensed auto glass and flat glass contractor with the department of consumer protection

Automotive Glass Unlimited Contractor# GLZ0001298-AG1

The holder of this license may perform work limited to the repair of damage occurring in laminated glass in compliance with the conditions set forth in the Connecticut Automotive Glass Standards of Practice section titled: Windshield Repair.  All repairs may be made, but not more than five (5) in total, which do not exceed the following conditions:

  • The impact point is not larger than 3/8"
  • Individual impact damage (not classified as "Combination Break") is not larger than 1" (or just slightly larger than a U.S. quarter)
  • A combination break has cracks of less than 6" and the entire damage area can be completely covered by a U.S. $1 bill
  • Crack damage is not caused by "stress"
  • No more than one repair, not larger than 3/8" is permitted inside the acute area which is defined as "within the area covered by the sweep of the driver's side wiper originally provided by the manufacturer or in the case of one original wiper provided by the manufacturer, the driver's side half of the windshield"

The requirement to qualify for this license shall be two (2) years as a properly licensed journeyperson or equivalent experience and training as determined by the Department.