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Windshield Scams

Apr 11, 2013

According to Fox Business there are a few auto insurance scams to be aware of, one of which includes windshields.  The windshield scam goes like this…

An auto glass company worker approaches you in a parking lot. The auto glass worker says you need your windshield replaced. He says he can replace your windshield for free as long as you provide your insurance information. Does this sound too good to be true?

Farmers Insurance says the free windshield replacement offer is nearly always a scam. The fallout from this scam can be more than you realize. 

Quality auto glass companies aren’t likely to walk up to you and offer free replacement. The quality of the windshield replacement and the work performed typically isn’t done well, which can put you at risk. A poor installation job and low quality replacement windshield can affect your car when it comes to an accident.

The quality of your windshield is not all that is affected in this scam. Your insurance coverage can be put at risk. Scammers can submit false claims under your auto policy costing you in the long run. You will have to clear up any false claims with your carrier, but this might also leave you with a higher premium, if they don’t drop you all together.

Just like most things in life, if something seems too good to be true it probably is. Be wary of this auto glass scam and avoid it at all costs.

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