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Insurance Steering Bill

Jun 05, 2013

In the auto glass industry it is not uncommon to hear of insurance companies to send customers to specific auto glass repair shops. If you call your insurance company chances are they are setting you up with a specific auto glass shop they have sent many or all of their customers to. In Connecticut things are changing.

The Connecticut Senate has sent a bill to the Governor to extend a ban on steering by auto appraisers and third-party insurance administrators. This bill will help to prevent insurance companies and their reps from sending their insured to a glass shop in which they own.

This new bill will help quality Connecticut auto glass companies like Payless Auto Glass play on an even field with some of the big name companies that have done this in the past. We want to thank all the politicians and all that played a part in this bill getting to the Governor.

Payless will be watching closely to see what the Governor does and hope that this bill comes to life. Stay tuned for more information.