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The Advances in Auto Safety

May 22, 2013

Think back 50+ years to what cars were like. I’m sure you can think of quite a few differences between early 1900 cars and the cars of today. Let’s review some of the major safety upgrades we’re lucky enough to have in today’s cars.

  • Electric Self-Starter: Before 1912 cards required hand-cranking to get started. Not only did this require strength but it was very dangerous if improperly performed could break your fingers or entire arm. Thank goodness for the self-starter!
  • Laminated Safety Glass: Before the 1920’s this wasn’t used in cars. This invention helps our windshields crack instead of shattering on impact. Read more about laminated glass here
  • Padded Dashboards: Prior to 1948 dashboards were not padded. Our padded dashboards today can help to prevent injuries, thanks to the 1948 Tucker for improving our safety!
  • Seatbelts: Yes seatbelts, they weren’t installed until 1957! Could you imagine driving at today’s speeds without seatbelts? Thanks Volvo!
  • Anti-Lock Brakes: These didn’t come around until 1966 by Dunlop.

Many other great safety features were brought into the market in the 1990’s including: electronic stability control, radar-guided cruise control, and the Intelligent Driver Support system.

It is amazing to think the required safety features we see in today’s world weren’t even a thought decades ago. Thanks to all the auto makers for making driving much safer for us all!

Source: TribLive