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Laminated vs Tempered Glass

Mar 13, 2013

Windshields have come a long way since the invention of the automobile, when there was no auto glass to speak of! Presently, there are two distinct types of auto glass; laminated auto glass and tempered auto glass. Each of these types of auto glass have different uses in the automobile, both however are used for the safety of all passengers in the automobile. If you remember, we talked more on the safety of the windshield has to the passenger and the structural integrity of the car in the past blog post: "Windshield Safety".

Let us explain the difference of the two. Laminated auto glass is most commonly used in the windshield of the automobile. Bonding two layers of glass and a layer of plastic lamination, the lamination process enables the auto glass to remain intact when the glass breaks, cracking instead of shattering. Tempered auto glass is used for your side and rear windows. Tempered auto glass is very strong and is thermally heated in its production to provide extra strength. Tempered auto glass is also comprised of a safety feature, when it breaks, it breaks into tiny pieces, with no jagged edges to harm the passengers.

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