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Deicers and Your Car

Apr 06, 2013

Ever wonder what deicers do to your vehicle? If you live in a climate like in Connecticut, chances are you’ve asked yourself that question.

Connecticut uses a magnesium chloride to deice its roads. Many think this ice-melting mixture should be banned. This deice mixture has proven to be corrosive affecting not only vehicles but bridge metal. You can spend the entire winter at the car wash trying to remove the ice melting mixture. But is that enough to prevent car and auto glass damage?

Connecticut DOT believes it mixture works well and believes it is up to motorists to avoid corrosion by washing their vehicles. (as discussed in the Associated Press).

Trucking companies are now asking Connecticut lawmakers to ban this deicer mixture and they are not alone. The MTA has stated that because of this magnesium chloride mixture the life of an eighteen wheeler has diminished by five years. If affecting our trucks and bridges isn’t enough, have you thought about how deicer affects your auto glass?

Auto glass technicians have inspected glass nearly 2-3 years after installation and found rust. If bare metal had been exposed at installation, rusting would have been seen within weeks not years. Rusting after such a long period of time could be due to this deicing mixture.

Many are hoping the state will switch back to a salt and dirt mixture that it once used to deice its roads. Just by switching deicers we could save our 18 wheelers, vehicles, auto glass and bridges. Seems like a no brainer. Stay tuned to see what the state decides to do.